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:bulletpink: Want to use my art? You may be able to, read here.:bulletpink:

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Hobby artist | Australian | Living in Canada

Thank you in advance for an llamas, watching me or favourites. I don't like to thank on profiles for them because it feels like an ingenuine robotic response.

I both welcome critiques and offer them, but it's probably a good idea to always get a second opinion, or a third. In fact the more opinions, the better.

Commissions, art trades, collabs etc closed. My life is quite busy at the moment, commissions will be open in the future.

"Requests" are done as special offers on occasion for watchers through my journal.



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OC Interview

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 21, 2014, 4:04 PM

I normally really don't do the tag journal meme things, but I got  tagged in one by Rosey-Mae and I actually thought it'd be a good exercise to do. Only we wanted to change most questions because they were too period specific or breaking the 4th wall.
Written by :iconterraset-on-da: (We co-own our characters)

What is your name and your age?

:bulletblue: I'm Dakota, an' I'm 18.

:bulletgreen: Eric, 17.

:bulletpink: My name's Kashika, and I'm 21 years old.
What is your occupation, and do you enjoy it?

:bulletblue: I run my own baker shop along with my bro'dr and his friend. Breads, pies, fresh fruit an' vegetables when we c'n get them. We've all worked hard t' make my business what it is t'day an' I could'n be proud'r.

:bulletgreen: Oi help Dakoda wit' wutever she needs me t' do. Usually gett'n berries n' apples n' things f'r her pies or cuttin' down a tree for 'er. If I'm not doin' that I've od'r way t' occupy me time in town. 

:bulletpink: My occupation...? Well I raid merchant ships and I take all the things that look nice. It would be an understatement to say I merely enjoy it. 

What did you want to be when you grew up, and why?

:bulletblue: Well... I'd never really t'ought about it before. I suppose at one time I wanted to be a dancer or painter but life has a way of getting in y' way sometimes. 

:bulletgreen: Oi d'n know wut I wanted t' be if anythin' but I'm sure wutever it was I wanted t' be good at it an' now I am.

:bulletpink: I wanted to be what my parents didn't want me to be.

What are the things you live by? (Morals, laws, traditions etc)

:bulletblue: I believe t'at we're all in this world together an' if we ca'n learn to work together den we ca'n learn to do anytin'. T'ieves only steal from themselves in t' end.. 

:bulletgreen: You c'n always count on t' stupidity o' od'r people. An' if y' can't then y' can count on y'r legs.

:bulletpink: Rule 1, What's yours is mine, what's left is mine. Rule 2, Sentiments aren't redeemable in gold. Rule 3, You can sell your soul and steal it back.

What are you most proud of in your life so far?

:bulletblue: My shop. It's been my sweat an' blood in more ways t'n one..

:bulletgreen: Aye I'm proud I ain't as braindead as half the od'rs I meet around here. I swear t' y' one day I saw a man buy a piece o' 'are on a stick from a butcher across t' street right? T' butcher 'ad a sign ou' front sayin' "no reimbursment". T' man ate damn near t' whole 'are 'den came back to t' butcher an' said somethin' like it tasted funny or somesuch an' wanted 'is trree copper back for i'. T' butcher jus' looked at 'im all crazy like an' pointed at 'is sign. t' man actually tried to get a guard t' come back wit 'im t force t' butcher t' giv 'im t' money. T' guard jus' laughed an' told 'im t' go suck a trout an get 'tis, t' man was confused. T' man was confused and dismay'd that he coundl'n get his money back. N' that's some powerful stupid I'm glad I ain't got in me.

:bulletpink: No one's ever caught us and no one ever will. I'll see to that. 

What do you want?

:bulletblue: Jus' a noice, quiet life free of t' troubles I hear about from Eric.

:bulletgreen: Did'n you already ask this one? Or is this one of them deep, emotional, introspective questions 'bout the nature of t' world n' all it contains like one o' them lazy monks w'd ask me when I'd be brought in f'r someth'n I din'n do? If it is Oi tell y' same thing I tell them... I jus' wanna be left t' fuck alone!

:bulletpink: Everything and whatever's in between.

You and another person have been brought in for questioning on a crime you committed and are in solitary confinement with no means of communication with each other. But the prosecutor does not have enough evidence to convict either of you. The prosecutor comes up with a plan and tells you "If you write a confession implicating your friend in the crime they will go to jail for 10 years and you will walk free." He says he will give the same message to your friend. You ask, "What happens if we both write confessions?" The prosecutor says "Then you both go to jail for 5 years. And if neither of you write a confession both of you will go to jail for 1 year." What do you do?

:bulletblue: I suppose t' best thing t' do is stay silent n' hope t'ey do t' same. If not den I guess I take what I get.

:bulletgreen: Wut kinda question is this? I say nothin' n' if t' fucker send me t' jail I break t' fuck out, find him, an' break his fuckin' neck for bein' such a fuckin' cunt to someone he don't even know.

:bulletpink: I'll sign their letter, and I won't go to jail for it.

There's a runaway train speeding down the tracks moving towards 5 people who are tied to the tracks, unable to escape. You have the opportunity to flip a switch that will change the tracks and cause the train to go down another path where the is 1 person tied to the tracks and unable to escape. Do you flip the switch?

:bulletblue: I... I don't really know wu' i' do. I suppose if it's jus' flippin' a switch I'd bite my tongue and hope f'r t' best.

:bulletgreen: So m' choices are be th' unfortunate witness to t' untimely demise of foive people along wit' one od'r guy or t' murderer of some poor soul n' front of foive witnesses? Fuck'm

:bulletpink: Hmm... well too bad for him ey?

 Ok, same question but now there is no switch. The stranger on the other set of tracks is now standing beside you. You could throw them over and the train will collide with them first and still save the other 5 people. Do you throw them over the edge?

:bulletblue: No, absolutely not. If it's a switch t'ats one t'ing but I couldn't t'row a man over t' edge like dat.

:bulletgreen: Aye now instead o' bein' able t' say m' finger slipped lets jus' remove all suspicion ey? Fuck'm twice.

:bulletpink: Ha, too bad for him, ey?

Why do you think you're good at what you do?

:bulletblue: I t'ink it's because I always try to do what I would like to see o'ters do. O'ters see t'at an' it makes t'em happy.

:bulletgreen: Cus I ain't stupid 'bout what I'm doin' when m' doin' it how oi wanna do it.

:bulletpink: Because me and my crew are better than anyone else who will ever exist, that's why. If you don't believe me I can always give you a little demonstration.

What do you expect to see in your future?

:bulletblue: I do'n know, a bigger shop I suppose. I mean at t'is rate I might be able t' afford one n'a few years.

:bulletgreen: Oi expect t' see much of t' same things I see in m' present an' that's all m' gonna say t' that.

:bulletpink: I expect that one day I will command an entire fleet from my own country. And that country will be the greatest thing that has ever existed in the history of this world. In fact I expect that one day we will have free reign over the whole world. We will go where we want and do what we want and I will be the best at it.

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