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Do you do commissions, art trades or requests?

Short answer:

Long answer:
I'm not into the whole "working for free" thing in regards to requests. And commissions... just don't work for me. I'd be wasting both our time by trying. If I'm not passionate about it, it won't be a quality result. I can't take money knowing that. I also would much rather spending what little time I have for art on developing my comic story and pages instead.

Do you give take or give critiques?

Both. You don't need to "sandwich" the critique for me with praise and compliments either. Just tell me what I did wrong, I'm not an emotional 5 year old.

Why did you give me a llama?

I'm a llama trader. Give one back if you like, but there's no obligation.





Character Design Rant

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 24, 2016, 9:06 PM

By character design, I mean a specific aspect of it that's always seemingly ignored on DA. Or even if given attention to, it's often confused for superficial surface  interests or traits. You see these everywhere. You'll  have a nice visual turn around for the character that will elaborate all the unique aspects of their design. But under the "personality" box, you see this type of stuff listed:

Likes: Cats, outdoors, manbearpigs
Dislikes: People that are mean to me :-(

That's not a personality. And I mean sure, I'll cut people some slack here. This doesn't really matter if you're not in the realm of making comics, novels and roleplays. But for those who do, c'mon man. When's the last time you asked someone to tell you about themselves and they just said "I like trains." Granted to be fair, some few may do this if they're the type to extremely dislike talking and/ or are very young.

Yes, those little insignificant facts can and do play a huge role on the character's choice of actions. But liking vanilla milkshakes instead of chocolate milkshakes is not on the same level as wanting to fight against the government because they want to take everyone's freedom away. Vs wanting to fight the government because their family got caught in the cross fire. That's gunna reach a lot deeper in the character's psyche. Things like this actively shape a world view for the character. Drinking the wrong milkshake is just a negative mood buff for maybe all of 5 minutes.

This is a barebones scratched together mock-up of an example I had my boyfriend write of one of my characters for the purpose of this journal. He specifically left out information like the character's name, sex, age and all other superficial social identifiers.


"{} sees life as something we are all in together. All of us struggle equally, cry equally, rejoice equally, and matter equally. Problems in the world are caused by people being uncooperative and not pulling their weight. {}'s family was very hard on them, always pushing them to achieve more and never being satisfied until {} did. {} wasn't always able to meet their family's expectations however. {} was not always happy but tried their hardest anyways. They knew that teams are only as strong as their weakest link and {}'s family only wanted to make them stronger as a person.

It was a lesson {} was glad to learn and pass on to others. {} takes pride in teams that they are a part of, always trying to improve it's harmony and happiness as best as they can. Those who skulk around alone are always reached out to. {} imagines those people are the saddest people on the planet and can't help but want to give that person a purpose and a place to belong. The reason those people resist at first sometimes is because they don't feel like they deserve happiness. But {} is always overjoyed when those people begin to open up and participate in activities. Even if it's just a little.

The greatest insult to {} are those that attempt to sow seeds of discord. When people turn against each other, they begin to feel more alone and isolated. Feeling like there's no one you can trust in the world but yourself is the worst feeling imaginable. Those who desire isolation should be isolated as far as {} is concerned. The dischord they value so much should be kept to themselves, by force if necessary. Because no one likes a bully. But everyone deserves a second chance because no one wants to be a bully."


This is by no means a compelling or great piece of literature. And we both know it. But the point is, the next time some one asks you "who is your character?" Your answer isn't "They like the outdoors". It's the story of how they came to the conclusion of why they like the outdoors.

P.S. For the love of god, stop writing "But if you get on their bad side, watch out because they can be really mean!!1111" as a trait. That's every single person in the entire world.  It's practically implied by virtue of them being human. :stare:


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Thank you in advance for an llamas, watching me or favourites. I don't like to thank on profiles for them because it feels like an ingenuine robotic response.

My gallery is a little quiet right now as I am currently storyboarding and making pages for our short comic called Bumbleberry Pie that I work on with Terraset. It's a simple mundane 'day in the life of' two of our characters whom belong to a much larger, expanded project. The short story simply exists for the sake of practice. You may find coloured pages belonging to the project in my gallery, however they were from late last year and the coloured version was scrapped because it sucked and painting sucks. The new version is black and white and the paneling / story is re-worked for better pacing.

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