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Do you do commissions, art trades or requests?

Short answer:

Long answer:
Commissions will be available in the near future. I'm planning them out right now. Art trades are a permanent no, it's too time consuming and takes away from comics, character designs and other work necessary to my projects. I only do requests once in a blue moon as an offer to existing watchers and patrons. It's usually in the form of a raffle or contest I host myself through my journal. They're rare because I do not usually have the free time for them. I currently do not do artwork for charities.

Do you give take or give critiques?

Both. You don't need to "sandwich" the critique for me with praise and compliments either. Just tell me what I did wrong, It's cool mate.

Why did you give me a llama?

I'm a llama trader. Give one back if you like, but there's no obligation.




A Request Journal!

Journal Entry: Thu Sep 15, 2016, 11:14 AM

Hey guys, Spudfuzz here. Sorry for the constant journals lately. I'll be moving the "Potato Skinny" updates just to patreon only because I feel like they're just needless spam on Deviantart.  However I do have something rather important and relevant to Deviantart specifically. I am looking for people within my existing watcher base who would like to  help me with something.

Photo to cartoon portraits are the one and only commission type I'd like to do right now and have found a website service specifically designed for that.  However in order to begin my service there I need to be approved as an artist by submitting a commission example. Now, while I've done one or two in the past for Redditgetsdrawn, those were a long time ago and I'm not in the habit of using people's photos elsewhere without their knowledge or permission. So here's the deal.

What you get:

- A FREE individual (one person only) portrait drawn by yours truly in my cartoon style.

- The image will fall under a… license

- This means you may use it as a representative avatar for yourself on social media sites, including places like Deviantart. Yes, you may even upload it to your gallery under the condition that attribution (credit) is given to me for having drawn it.

(Non commercial use extends to youtube videos that are profited from whether directly or indirectly such as patreon.)

- You can modify the image in any way you like.

What I get:

- The permission to use your photo you sent me for reference as a side by side comparison image. This will be an example image to advertise my commissions on whichever site I choose to do so.

- I may not use your photo to identify you, insult you, comment on your appearance or for any other use other than to simply provide examples of my work to future clients.

- I am not responsible in the event that the individual of the photo or anyone else should identify the person within the photo at any point publicly.

- The individual is expected to take all reasonable precautions to hide their identity should they not wish to be publicly identified.


By sending me your photo to be drawn, you agree to the terms in the above contract. If you would like to be drawn, send me an email at

I can't guarantee I will draw everyone's and I especially won't use photos with poor lighting. Try to take one outside without having the light directly in your face or behind you. I'm looking to have a couple examples, maybe 3 at most.

As it is a request and not a commission, the image will be completed at my own leisure and will not be obligated to satisfy extra time consuming requests. The background will be fairly basic, and I will not draw what does not exist within the photo. If you want to be smiling in the artwork, smile in the photo for example. You may request background colours, and I can work from simple environmental ones such as flowers or sky at no cost.

Photos that don't end up being drawn will be deleted from my mailbox and not used for any purpose whatsoever. Please tell me in the email whether you'd like to be identified or not. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask below in the comments.

The ETA for results is about 2 weeks, I'll post a new journal with a collection of the people I drew as well as to advertise the service when/ if it's accepted. In the mean time I have a comic page and a couple pictures to complete for someone else. I made this journal in advance to make sure the photos being sent are ones I can work with.


Wilindir Dark Character Concepts (Portraits) by abigailsouthworth
Prisoner to My Own Mind by abigailsouthworth
Familiar Faces II by abigailsouthworth

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INFP |Australian | Living in Canada

Hey, I'm Spudfuzz, an Australian Artist! The other half of this account is Terraset,
my Canadian boyfriend and writer.

We met online years ago on a philosophy forum and talked every day since. Flash forward 6 years and now we're living in Canada working together to create comics! We have tons of projects lined up but right now we're in the very early stages. So we're taking it slow with practice mini comics and one shots so I (Spudfuzz) can learn how to craft stories through art. Constructive criticism in general is welcome, and I encourage you even to suggest better panel layouts if you feel the ones I used don't work for whatever reason. We're working towards our big series called Strawberry Riot which will be launched when the following criteria is met:

* The entire story is finalized from beginning to end: 30%
* The character designs are finalized 10%
* I am confident in my paneling ability 5%

We do have a Patreon going if you'd like to pledge! All comics remain 100% free and available regardless. Patreons simply gain access to extra perks such as works in progress, thumbnails, story scripts and other general insights to our process for comics.
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Thank you in advance for an llamas, watching me or favourites. I don't like to thank on profiles for them because it feels like an ingenuine robotic response. .

'Panopy' Comic Status:
Storyboarding complete
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Next project line up:
Peeko's Day Out
Bumbleberry Pie [final reboot]


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